If you’re still brainstorming on what design aesthetic will be perfect for your home, you may consider opting for the farmhouse chic design. The farmhouse vibe has been on trend for a while and will help your home exude comfort and elegance. The right combination of colors, texture, and furniture is key in achieving the chic farmhouse look for your home.

Follow these simple tips on achieving the farmhouse look so that you can have your dream home in no time.

Go for Neutral Colors

nuetral colors

One of the main features of a house that incorporates the farmhouse look is that it easily alleviates stress. One of the best ways to achieve that is to opt for neutral colors. Cool, neutral colors help you relax and reduce stress. Maintain a calming balance in the home by shying away from bold and bright colors. Take inspiration from the color palette of your favorite spa — they know the exact colors that soothe the mind and calm the eye. Going for cool gray, beige, dirty white, and gentle pinks will always be your best bet.

Add a Rustic Touch

farmhouse design

As you browse for some farmhouse chic home decorating ideas, you may notice a very common detail — rustic touches. The best way to achieve that farmhouse vibe is to incorporate the modern with the vintage, the elegant with the masculine. Adding rustic touches to your home can definitely spark up your creativity. By adding simple details like creating shiplap walls, putting up a random chalkboard, using a barn door, turning old farm tools to decorations, installing a farmhouse ceiling fan, and throwing in some wood, brick, and wires in the design, you’ll easily achieve the farmhouse look that you want.

Invest in Some Plush

Your home should be a place for you and your guests to easily relax. This is where texture comes in. When it comes to curtains, throw away the stiff ones and opt for the ones with a light, flowy textile. Soft, plush furnishings are also big players when it comes to giving your space a trendy farmhouse feel. Add a fluffy white rug on your hardwood floor or place a clean cloth centerpiece on your tables. Don’t frown upon throw pillows — they make the house say, “Get in and relax!” Soft, fluffy pillows — in neutral colors, of course — can make anyone sit down and relax. Leave your living room and bed space casually messy — this adds the shabby chic vibe of your home.

Go For Elegant Lighting

Do not ever underestimate the power of good lighting in your home. Though often overlooked, lighting can play a key role in achieving your farmhouse chic design since it gives the home some personality. Lighting that mixes glass or crystal with dark iron cast give off that vintage feel. Whitewashed chandeliers, on the other hand, give the home an elegant charm.

In With The Old

Remodeling your humble abode into a farmhouse may seem like a big project, but in most cases, it can be pretty simple. Your farmhouse design is only limited by your resourcefulness and creativity. When adding that farmhouse look to your home, old is good. Look for old items like baskets, barrels, wires, and farm tools and incorporate them into your design.

Open Floor Plan

The key factor that will help you get that farmhouse feel in your home is the open concept floor plan. This takes inspiration from an actual barn house with its high, cathedral-like ceilings, and the smooth connection between the dining room, living spaces, and the kitchen. Keep in mind that when making designing your farmhouse look, spacious rooms add to the overall “open” feel of your home. Installing wide, glass doors and large windows is a great way to start.

Whether you’re redesigning a real-life farmhouse, or you just want to bring a chic house feel to your home in the city or suburbs, Wysocki Brothers can help you make your dreams come true. Contact us today and one of our trusted experts will help you achieve the look, feel and home of your dreams!