Getting your bathroom custom designed will increase the value and overall look of your home. If you are renovating your home you should never leave your bathroom out of the picture. The style of your bathroom should reflect your taste and personality as much as any other room in your home. The benefit of having a custom designed bathroom is enjoying a personal space that makes you feel good while meeting your specific needs.

Here are some custom bathroom designs to inspire your home renovation:

Mirrored-Lined Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom to work with it's okay because there are ways to make small spaces look bigger than they actually are.  Choosing the right aesthetics can also help make your bathroom look like it has a lot of space. A Mirror-Lined bathroom will create dimension and depth to any small room. If you already have a mirror in your bathroom, then why not kick it up a notch by lining your bathroom walls with mirrors.

Tropical Paradise with a view

Your bathroom should make you feel comfortable. If your bathroom has a window (with a great view is a plus) take advantage of it because natural light is your friend.  You might want to consider having a Tropical bathroom design because the theme works best with a good view. Having a tropical theme will make your bathroom look like a luxurious tropical villa.

Rustic Vintage Bathroom

Some designs can look both vintage and modern at the same time. Nothing does this better than a rustic design. The use of wood and brick brings a homey cosy feeling.  Choosing this type of décor for your rustic design can be a great way to save money if you’re on a budget! You can also add a modern touch to create a unique and gorgeous atmosphere.

Patterned Tiles

Hotel bathrooms have one thing in common –patterned tiles. Having patterned tiles can have a style impact making your bathroom look like a spa from a five-star hotel. There are different patterned styles to choose from. If having matching tiles is too boring, you can try mixing and matching the pattern of your bathroom wall and floor. This would give your patterned tile bathroom a little edge and personality.


Nautical Bathroom Design

Give your custom bathroom design a coastal feeling with a nautical theme. Everyone loves the beach, but not everyone has time to feel the sand between their toes and the cool sea breeze. But who says you cannot try to recreate that feeling? You can bring the seaside with you by using nautical accessories, striped textiles and distressed wood –minus the sand.

Glitzy Glamorous

If you want a little more sophistication in your home, add a few metallic and gold accents for your bathroom design. Having a freestanding steel tub, glass mosaics, silver, copper and gold tiles can really showcase the elegance you want to display. Try investing in beautiful and classy bathroom accessories like Hollywood-style light bulbs on your bathroom mirror or a decadent chandelier.

Renovating your home gives you the opportunity to improve, redecorate, and redesign your house but you shouldn’t settle for a cookie-cutter bathroom design. Having a custom bathroom design improves the functionality of your bathroom, at the same time updating your space to be as luxurious and as comfortable as you want it to be. A custom design bathroom takes effort and money but it is worth it for the perfect design. Give us a call today for a hassle-free consultation. Our expert staff will help you every step of the way in achieving the bathroom design of your dreams!

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