Warm weather and bright days are here! Although for kids it means time off school and vacation, for home-owning adults, summertime could also mean one thing — summer home improvement projects. Getting your house in shape — both in the interior and the exterior — just in time for summer, can make you enjoy the season even more. With the right amount of planning and creativity and the help of our summer home remodeling ideas, you’ll get that summer home you’ve always imagined!

Before venturing into a summer home project, remember that revamping your home for summer will require time and preparation. It’s important to identify before you get started what is top of your list of priorities.

Here, we have gathered indoor and outdoor project ideas to get your home ready for summertime.

Install or Repair Air Conditioner Units and Fans

Warm weather and increased humidity will automatically make your air conditioner one of your favorite appliances during the summer months in Georgia. In fact, installing an A/C is one of the best ways to prepare your home for summer. However, to serve you better, these units should be up-and-running, and in great condition. Don’t wait for the A/C to break down before you can actually check on them. Before summer arrives, take the time to clean your the filters, and make sure that the condensation hose is not clogged up.

Another way to keep cool this summer is to install fans. This is one of the cheapest home remodeling projects that you can do. Installing fans will not only improve ventilation, but some beautifully-designed fans also add an aesthetic touch to your home!

Invest in New, Energy-Efficient Windows

If there’s one home remodeling project to invest in this summer, it would be in new, energy-efficient windows. Summertime is the best time to get rid of old, inefficient windows. The windows in your home not only allow you to let the sun in and enjoy the beauty of outside, but they also serve as a barrier to moisture, air, and possible intruders. Having energy-efficient windows installed increases your home’s security. This can give you peace of mind when you leave for your summer vacation. Updated windows will also protect your home from high heat and humidity, and improves your house’s appearance and resale value. This project is definitely one of the summer home remodeling ideas to try!

Check Your Siding

Do you know what will make people stop and stare at your home? Beautiful, well-kept siding. The last thing you want for your home is siding that shows from cracks, grime, and peeling paint. Fortunately, summer offers the best weather for upgrading siding. Your best bet is to opt for a professional home remodeling company like Wysocki Brothers to make sure that the job gets done efficiently and safely. This summer home improvement project will surely increase the total curb appeal of your home.

Re-painting Your Home

Repainting the interior of your home is one of the most affordable summer home improvement projects to consider. It’s also something that we like to call DIY-possible. It’s also one project where you can let the kids help. Trade your house’s dark hues to something more vibrant and bright — just like summer.

Kitchen remodeling

Through the years, home improvement experts have shifted their focus from the living room to the kitchen. Yes, it’s safe to say that the kitchen has become the most popular room in the house. And, summer is the best time to embark on those kitchen remodeling projects that you’ve been dreaming of for months. Instead of choosing to DIY your kitchen update, opt for a professional remodeling company that will help you select the best kitchen design for your style and budget. The right professional will assist you with the layout, and help you choose the right materials.

Bathroom remodeling

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, but let’s be honest — it does not always get the love it deserves. Now is the time to search for summer bathroom design ideas that will spruce up the overall appeal of your home. You can start your bathroom remodeling project by repainting the walls and the cabinets, installing new mirrors, or changing the colors of your shower curtains. For major bathroom remodeling — changing the tiles, improving the design — you’ll never go wrong with a trusted professional home remodeling company.

Nothing helps you welcome summer better than a beautiful, revamped home. Before summer knocks on the door, get your sleeves rolling and bring those summer home remodeling ideas to life. If you need professional help with your summer home improvement projects, Wysocki Brothers is here to help. Offering home remodeling projects for more than 30 years, you can count on us to make your home look like what you’ve always wanted. Contact us today!